ADA Truncated Dome Bump Pads

Expected Life of a Dome

Most customers who order truncated domes for their property would expect it to last for many years, otherwise why have it right?

Unfortunately that’s not always the case.

With a variety of material types available for purchase, we all can agree it quickly becomes confusing which materials could last longer than others.  There’s plastic, brick, marble, liquid-applied, and granite, but which material will tough it out in the harshest conditions?

After hours of research, we found that brick domes tended to fade more quickly after a few years while marble hardly faded at all.  Granite was runner up, with plastic and liquid-applied close in tow.

So, why the disparity?

While we haven’t quite found a definitive answer, it seems the cheaper the product the less it holds up to harsh conditions.  Brick pavers are relatively easy to make translating to low operating costs.  On the opposite site, both marble and liquid-applied domes are a bit more expensive due to the materials used and longevity.

During our research we’ve found that plastic cast-in-place replaceable models are the most popular because of pricing and ease of use.  This is the only product that allows you to interchange a top ‘plate’ if a particular set of domes become damaged.