ADA Truncated Dome Bump Pads

Expected Dome Maintenance

If you read our article “Common Problems with Truncated Domes” then we guarantee you’ve learned something new today (and if you have not read the article, please do).

Having read that article, you’re probably now wondering if installing truncated domes are worth it.  Our short answer is yes.

Our long answer is yes, and there are ways to prevent your domes from falling victim to a shovel, snow plow, or simple negligence.

The most important rule to follow is to keep your truncated domes clean of debris – this includes salt, trash, and sediments.  The cleaner you keep it, the less of a problem you’ll have in the future.  Unfortunately this is a double-edged sword.  If your dome panels are kept clean there’s less of a chance for physical damage, yet if the domes are installed in a location that receives sun, the UV rays will eventually fade the color.  This will raise another problem of having the hue blend with its surroundings, making it difficult for those with limited eyesight to see the domes.